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Vol-14-5 (1993-4) Technical and Thematic Aspects of Juan Marsé's Un día volveré Details   PDF
Angeles Ecinar
Vol 16-7 (1995-6) Technical and Theoretical Problems in the Medical Translations From Greek to Arabic (VIII-XC) Details   PDF
Concepción Gil Gangutia
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) Ten Years After: The Virtues of Exile Details   PDF
Maria Rosa Menocal
Vol 12-3 (1991-2) Text and Ideology in Hellenism Details   PDF
Alan E. Samuel
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The 'aegeanization' of Cyprus at the End of the Bronze Age: An Architectural Perspective Details   PDF
Kevin D. Fisher
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) The Adoption of Al Farabi's "Mathematical Sciences" in the Medieval West: A Study of Cross-Cultural Borrowing Details   PDF
Michael C. Weber
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) The Andalusi Kharjas: A Courtly Counterpoint to Popular Tradition? Details   PDF
Otto Zwartjes
Vol 26 (2005) The Body as Weapon in Insolación by Emilia Pardo Details   PDF
Tina Pereda Bazán
Vol 23 (2002) The Double Tradition of Aphrodite's Birth and Her Semitic Origins Details   PDF
William Manning
Vol 23 (2002) The Drums of Calanda or Luis Buñel in Spain Details   PDF
Pedro Guerrero Ruiz, Tina Pereda Barona
Vol 7 (1986) The Duke of Athens: A Study of Niccolo Tommaseo's Medievalism Details   PDF
Anne Urbancic
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The Early Iron Age in the Northern Levant: Continuity and Change in the Pottery Assemblages from Ras el-Bassit and Ras Ibn Hani Details   PDF
Lione du Piêd
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) The Idea of Vernacular Culture in the Arabic-and Romance-Speaking World Middle Ages Details   PDF
Marla Mallette
Vol 22 (2001) The "Impregnable Syllables" of Alberti's Sobre los angeles Details   PDF
C. Bian Morris
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The Industrious Sea Peoples: The Evidence of Aegean-style Textile Production in Cyprus and the Southern Levant Details   PDF
Laura B. Mazow
Vol 7 (1986) The Institutionalisation of Scientific Thinking in the Tuscany of the Last Medici Details   PDF
Domenico Pietropaolo
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The Late Bronze Age Presence in Cyprus and the Levant: Mycenaean Colonies or Acculturation and Settlement? Details   PDF
Aristomenes Polyzois
Vol 18 (1997) The Life of St. Sabas the Younger as a Source for The History of the Catalan Grand Company Details   PDF
José Simón Palmer
Vol 25 (2004) The Maltese Novels of Nicolas Saudray Details   PDF
Brian J. Dendle
Vol 16-7 (1995-6) The Mediterranean Culture of Mauricio Wacquez: Classical Allusions in Frente a un Hombre Armado Details   PDF
Brian J. Dendle
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) The Muslim Aljama of Tortosa in the Late Middle Ages: Notes on its Organization Details   PDF
Maria Teresa Ferrer i Mallol
Vol 8-9 (1987-8) The Mysterious Lady: An Enigmatic Figure in the Fantastic Short Story of Nineteenth-Century Spain Details   PDF
Krisztina Weller
Vol 26 (2005) The Names of the Mediterranean: a Linguistic and Cultural Journey Details   PDF
Jana Vizmuller-Zocco
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The Nature and Extent of Aegean Contact at Tell Ta'yinat and Vicinity in the Early Iron Age: Evidence of the Sea Peoples? Details   PDF
Brian Janeway
Vol 7 (1986) The Persistence of Feudal Economic Institutions in the Agricultural Sector of 19th Century Sicily Details
Tom Barbiero
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