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Vol 7 (1986) The Persistence of Feudal Economic Institutions in the Agricultural Sector of 19th Century Sicily Details   PDF
Tom Barbiero
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The Philistines in Context: The Transmission and Appropriation of Mycenaean-Style Culture in the East Aegean, Southeastern Coastal Anatolia and the Levant Details   PDF
Ann E. Killebrew
Vol 26 (2005) The Poetics of Loss in Atonio Muñoz Molina's "!Oh tú que lo sabias!" from Sefarad Details   PDF
Mary S. Vásquez
Vol 12-3 (1991-2) The Power of the Text in Humanist Culture: Valla and the Donation of Constantine Details   PDF
Olga Zorzi Pugliese
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The Problem of Regional Variation of Mycenaean IIIC:1 Pottery: The View from Cyprus Details   PDF
Laura Gagne
Vol 12-3 (1991-2) The Prophets and Apostles Write: Images and the Medieval Understanding of Writing Details   PDF
Randall Rosenfeld
Vol 8-9 (1987-8) The Rhetorical Function of Poetry: Segismundo's Ingenious Thought and Philosophical Metaphor Details   PDF
Emilio Hidalgo-Serna
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The Sea-Peoples and Identity Details   PDF
Baruch Halpern
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) The Sortes regis Amalrici: An Arabic Divinatory Work in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem? Details   PDF
Charles Burnett
Vol 26 (2005) The Status of Women in Graeco-Roman Society Details   PDF
Loredana Kun
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) The Tjerker Details   PDF
Donald Redford
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) The Vision of the Muslim in Early Maltese Poetry Details   PDF
Arnold Cassola
Vol 25 (2004) Théorie de l'intertextualité dans la poésie de Mallarmé Details   PDF
María Terresa Caro Valverde, Carmen Soto Pellarés
Vol 18 (1997) Tirso's Don Gil de las calzas verdes.: The Fluidity of Gender and the Marginalized Gracioso Details   PDF
Monica Leoni
Vol 21 (2000) Uncovering a "Herstory" of Power: Mediterranean Goddess Myth, Image and Symbol in Contemporary Canadian Women's Playwriting Details   PDF
Corinne Rusch-Drutz
Vol 25 (2004) Vico's Theory of Allegory Details   PDF
Domenico Pietropaolo
Vol 29 (2008 [2011]) Vol 29 (2008 [2011]) Details   PDF
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) Vol-14-5 (1993-4) Details
Oliver Friggieri
Vol-14-5 (1993-4) Voltaire et le sentiment de l'amitie à travers sa correspondance, son théâtre et ses contes Details   PDF
Frederick Gerson
Vol 27-8 (2006-7) Why Radiocarbon Dating 1200 BCE is Difficult: A Sidelight on Dating the End of the Late Bronze Age and the Contrarian Contribution Details   PDF
Sturt W. Manning
Vol-14-5 (1993-4) Yerma vis-à-vis Aristotle's Poetics Details   PDF
José N. Martínez
Vol 7 (1986) ltalo-Siculo Elements of Nautical Terms Found in Medieval and Post-Medieval Arabic Details   PDF
Dionisius A. Agiùs
Vol 19-20 (1998-9) reflections on the Study of Muslim Sicily: History, Politics, and Nineteenth-Century Sicilian Historiography Details   PDF
Antonio Pellitteri
Vol 16-7 (1995-6) À la recherche de l'indentité catalane dans les romans d'Eduardo Mendoza et de Manuel Vazquez Montalbán Details   PDF
María José Giménez Micó
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