About the Journal

Scripta Mediterranea has ceased publication.

Focus and Scope

Scripta Mediterranea aimed to contribute to the resurgence in the interest in the Mediterranean – evident in new courses, programs, conferences, and institutional initiatives in North American institutions and around the world. Scripta Mediterranea served as a forum for reflection on the history, presence and future of Mediterranean Studies and their role in a globalized academic world. The focus of the Journal was the Mediterranean World over a broad chronological period, from Antiquity to the present. It looked for interdisciplinary approaches to the history and culture of the Mediterranean world and was especially keen to publish articles that contributed to a critical understanding of Mediterranean cultures and histories. The editors did not invite articles that were simply about ‘something Mediterranean’ but articles that discussed critically and contributed constructively to the field of Mediterranean Studies and especially reflected on the concept of the Mediterranean itself. Such contributions distinguished the Journal from similar ones in the field and advanced conversation across various fields and disciplines. The Journal  was particularly interested in histories of the sea rather than the lands around it – the countries that are often called Mediterranean – and especially interested in the people who crossed the sea as travellers, traders or pilgrims, and lived by its shores in ports and islands. Histories of colonialism and articles on the post-colonial Mediterranean were also welcome. 

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Scripta Mediterranea was the Journal of the Canadian Institute of Mediterranean Studies. The Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies is an international learned society based in Canada devoted to the study of all aspects of Mediterranean culture, past and present, with a special interest in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural dialogue.